At Dentists @ Canning Vale, we enjoy seeing children of all age groups.

It is important to start bringing your child to the dentist early in life.

We see kids as young as 2 years of age.

It is important for them to get used to the dental environment. We recommend that the child comes along to watch a parent or older sibling have dental treatment and then go for a ride on the dental chair as an initial step. This is then followed by booking in an appointment where a full dental examination and polish will be attempted.

It is important not to associate the words “fear”, “scared” and “needles” with the dentist. A dental visit should be conveyed as a normal everyday routine similar to going to the park or the mall.

Remember prevention is key! Early check ups will help us diagnose any dental concerns when they are a small problem. This will most likely only need a simple fix such as a sealant, small filling, scale and clean or diet advice.

Children who are uncooperative or need significant dental work (e.g. nerve treatment or extractions) due to rampant tooth decay will be referred to a specialist Paediatric Dentist where treatment under General Anaesthesia may be required.